Guide to Getting Started - Excel Import

The following steps outline how to create your BoomTax account and prepare your filing.

First, select the type of tax filing you would like to create. If you're filing for a different tax year click, 'Filing for a different tax year?'.

Next, select 'Import with Excel or enter.

Review the getting started checklist to aid with information gathering prior to getting started.

Next, you can add a new payer, or you can select an existing payer. Using an existing payer will copy forward your payer information from previous years.

Once you've entered in your payer information, you will be prompted to complete the cover sheet or 'Summary' for your filing. 

If you have all of the information for this you can complete it now, or you can click 'Skip for Now' to get started on setting up your recipient data.

Next, select 'Import with Excel' to import your spreadsheet.

Drag and drop your file or browse for it on your computer, then click 'Upload'.

Once your import is complete, you will be brought to the overview page. From the summary page, you will be able to see your company information and list of recipients where you can make changes or updates.  

See the following guidance on how to:

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