How do I order the print and mail service?

Our optional Print & Mail service is available for an additional fee per employee. With this service, BoomTax will print, fold, stuff, affix postage, and mail recipient copies. This service includes:

  • High-quality laser printing
  • 2D barcode tracking of all mail pieces to verify all forms are produced and sent
  • HIPAA compliant printing and distribution facilities
  • Real-time email notifications during the print and mail process.

Adding this service to your account is simple.  

One option is to add the service from your account main page. Highlight the filing you want to order the service for by clicking on the filing.

Then click 'Order Print and Mail'.

You can also add the service through the filing summary page. 

You will see a page with your pricing for the service.  Click Order Now.

You will be able to check out through the BoomTax website and pay by PayPal or credit card.

Feel free to contact if you need alternative billing options.  

Find instructions below for next steps:

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