How do I download and print PDF copies of my forms?

First, navigate to your filing, then click "Download" and choose "To PDF" from the dropdown menu.

Next, select which type of PDF download you would like.

  • Choose "IRS Official Forms" to download the official IRS PDF of your forms. (This is great as an archival copy)
  • Choose "Employee Mailable Copy" to download copies that can be used to distribute to employees. Our standard format uses a #10 double windowed envelope.
  • Choose the last option (Summary Form) if you'd only like a PDF of your Summary form (Form 1094-C, Form 1096, Form W-3)

Then, select how you would like your forms batched for download.

  • Choose the "One PDF with All Employees" option if you would like to download all of the forms in one PDF file.  Note: If you have numerous employees, your download may be divided between multiple files due to file size restrictions.
  • Choose the "One PDF Per Employee" option to download a single form per PDF.

By default, the Mask social security numbers box is checked.  This is highly recommended by the IRS.

After you have downloaded your forms, you can open the file and print from your computer.

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