How do I make corrections to my forms?

Correcting One Form at a Time

To correct a form, click on 'Filings', then click on your Filing Name, then scroll down to the recipient grid, then click on a form name you want to edit. Forms that have errors will have a status of 'Error' and will be located towards the top of the grid.

After you've done this, you can make changes to the recipient's form, then click 'Finish'. 

Correcting Multiple Forms at Once

If you have several forms you would like to correct, you can edit your existing spreadsheet then re-upload this into BoomTax by following the procedure here:

How do I bulk import corrections?

If you don't have your original spreadsheet, you can export your forms to a spreadsheet from BoomTax by following the procedure here:

How do I export my forms into an Excel spreadsheet?

**Don't forget to e-file your corrections with the IRS by clicking 'E-File' at the top of your filing. Don't forget to send out updated employee copies by downloading your PDFs or by ordering our print and mail service!


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