How do I export my forms into an Excel spreadsheet?

To export your forms to an Excel spreadsheet, click "Download" then choose "To Excel."

If you only need to export a select few forms to Excel, simply click the checkbox by each of their names before clicking "Download."

You should see a short loading screen, then you will be brought to the page shown below:

From here, you can download your spreadsheet if it didn't automatically download (don't forget to check your downloads folder).

If you need to re-import your spreadsheet with updated information:

Next, make any necessary changes to your spreadsheet and click 'Import Your Spreadsheet' to re-import. This will import to the same filing that you just downloaded.  

*Please note: If you made changes to employee TINs (EIN/SSN) and re-import, then it will import as a new form.

Finally, drag and drop your sheet into the drag and drop area to upload these forms to your filing.

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