How do I export my forms into an Excel spreadsheet?

Export your forms from the grid by doing the following:

  • Check the checkbox next to recipients you wish to export (or don't select any and BoomTax will include ALL forms).
  • Click 'Download' and 'To Excel'. This will create an Excel export that will allow you to make changes in bulk to multiple recipient records.

You should see a short loading screen, then you will be brought to the page shown below:

From here, you can download your spreadsheet if it didn't automatically download (don't forget to check your downloads folder).

Next, make any necessary changes to your spreadsheet and click 'Import Your Spreadsheet' to re-import. 

*Please note: If you made changes to employee TINs (EIN/SSN) and re-import, then it will import as a new form.

Finally, drag and drop your sheet into the drag and drop area to upload these forms to your filing.

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