How do I update many forms using an Excel spreadsheet?

If making corrections, open your original Excel file used for your initial import and make any necessary corrections.

To import the file back into BoomTax, click on 'Filings' from the menu at the top left of the screen.

Then, select the filing you want to update, by clicking on the name.Next, scroll down to the recipients grid and click 'Add Recipient' (this text may vary based on the type of filing).

Next, select 'Import with Excel'.

Drag and drop your spreadsheet into the box.

The system will automatically update existing recipients and add new recipients since your last import.

Please note: If you updated any recipients SSNs, then these will be added as new form.

If any errors show up during import, you will want to make changes and re-submit.

After you have uploaded your spreadsheet, click on the IRS E-File button to submit the corrections to the IRS.  

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