How do I request an extension (ACA)?

Requesting an extension for your ACA filings with BoomTax is very simple!

  1. Login, then click "Create a New Filing"
  2. Select the filing type
  3. Click "Import with Excel or enter manually"
  4. Click on "I've read the above, let's go!"
  5. Click "Create a New Payer"
  6. Enter the company name, then click "Create Filing with Payer"
  7. Fill in Part I with the company EIN, address, and contact information, then save
  8. Click on "FILINGS" from the navy blue menu at the top of the screen
  9. Click "Request Extension" on the left
  10. Select the company and filing type for the extension
  11. Click on Checkout and File Extension
  12. Complete the payment to submit your extension request

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