Electronic Form Delivery

The IRS authorizes businesses to furnish electronic copies of certain tax forms, instead of a paper copy.

However, electronic form delivery isn’t as simple as just sending forms via email; there are extensive rules and requirements for it.

Electronic Form Delivery Requirements

The requirements for electronic delivery of recipient forms can be found in IRS Publication 1179 (pg. 28). We will outline these below:

Regarding Consent for Electronic Form Delivery:

– The recipient must affirmatively consent to receiving their forms electronically, and not have withdrawn this consent before the statement is furnished.

– If the recipient does not consent to this, then a paper copy will be provided.

– The scope and duration of the recipients consent must be displayed prominently.

– Directions for obtaining a paper copy must be made available.

– Directions for withdrawing consent must be made available. This may be withdrawn at any time by providing the withdrawal in writing (either electronically or on paper) to the name that appears on the statement (company administrator).

– Confirmation of the withdrawal must also be in writing (either electronically or on paper).

– A notice of termination must be provided (if applicable). The notice must state the conditions in which the statements will no longer be available to the recipient.

– Procedures to update the recipient’s information must be made available.

– A description of the hardware and software required to access, print, and retain a statement must be made available.

– The date in which the statement will no longer be accessible must be made available.

Regarding Format, Posting, and Notifications for Electronic Form Delivery:

– The electronic format must contain all required information and must comply with the guidelines found in IRS Pub. 1179.

– Statements must be posted on a website accessible to the recipient on or before the applicable due date through October 17 of that year; and

– Recipients must be informed, either electronically or by mail, of the posting and how to access and print the statement.

Due to these rules and regulations, sending a PDF copy to your recipients via email will not suffice.

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