How do I order the E-Delivery service?

Our optional E-Delivery service is available for an additional cost. Reach out to our support desk to get a quote for this today!

Setting Up

After importing your filing data, you can go to the overview page to set up your E-Delivery site.

Click on 'E-Delivery' to get started.

Set up your e-delivery site.

Click "Setup E-Delivery" to get started.

You can use our default site, you can use our custom site designer, or you can copy an existing site (if applicable). The designer lets you take control of your site by allowing you to change your site colors, upload a logo, and set memo information for your employees to read upon visiting.

Choose your E-Delivery Hub Web Address

Recipients will use this address to login and receive their tax documents.

Setup Recipients

You'll review your recipients' login settings. If everything looks good, click "Setup Recipients" to go to the next step.

Onboarding recipients

The final step of setup is to finalize the recipients' onboarding.

You can opt to have us email your recipients to let them have tax documents, or you can choose to do this internally.

After choosing an option, click "Start E-Delivery" to kick off the E-Delivery process.

Following Up

As the recipient copy deadline nears, you can go to your 'E-Delivery' tab in your filing to monitor the status of your electronically delivered forms.

We recommend monitoring your support email and postal mail address for recipients who opt out of E-Delivery. You can mark these recipients as 'Not Consented' on the 'E-Delivery' tab of your filing. Similarly, the e-delivery site also provides an interface for recipients to opt out electronically without contacting you.

The IRS requires you to track recipients who do not consent to E-Delivery and send them a paper copy of their forms.


As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or need further information on electronic form delivery, please contact us.

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