How do I pay for my filing?

When you create a filing with BoomTax, you have a few options for billing; you can prepay for filings, pay as you go, or request an invoice. 

1. To prepay for your filing:

  • Log in to your account 
  • Select "Upgrade" from the menu at the top of the screen
  • Select "Pay Now" 
  • Choose the type of filing you'd like to purchase
  • Input your EIN and employee count, then click "Checkout"
  • Complete the billing information on the next page and click "Pay Now" to finish

If you need more credits, or to file additional filings, you can always reach out to support and we will be happy to assist with this! 

2. Pay as you go (easiest)

  • Log in to your account
  • Start creating your filings and importing your data
  • When you are ready to e-file or download forms, simply click the corresponding button, and you will be brought to the checkout. 

3. Request an invoice

To request an invoice, simply send us an email and we will get started on this right away!

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