How do I download my forms to distribute via email?

We recommend using our E-Delivery Service to send out electronic copies. There are many rules are requirements to electronic form delivery, so simply emailing forms to recipients does not suffice. Find out more here:
BoomTax Electronic Form Delivery

To download a copy of your forms to distribute via email:Click on your filing to highlight the filing, then select Download.Choose "Employee Mailable Copy" to download copies that can be used to distribute to employees.

Choose the "One PDF Per Employee" option to download one PDF for each of your employees.

By default, the Mask social security numbers box is checked.  This is highly recommended by the IRS.

You will have the option to wait while the forms are downloaded or click the "Email me when it's ready" to be notified by email when the downloads are ready.

 If you wait for the download, the file should automatically download to your web browser when ready.

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