How do I void or delete a 1095-C?

If you haven't e-filed your forms, you can delete them by going to your filing,

 scrolling down to your recipients, 

checking the recipients you wish to delete,
then clicking the '...' icon. Then click 'Delete' to remove these from BoomTax.
Once a form is e-filed, you can effectively void the form by going to your filing, 

scrolling down to your recipients, 

click on the recipient name you want to void, then click 'Void Form' on the right side of the interface.

This process will do the following to void the form:
  • Line 14 changed to show Code "1H" in "All 12 Months"
  • Line 15 removed since there was no Offer of Coverage
  • Line 16 changed to show "2A" in "All 12 Months"
  • Uncheck the "Covered Individual" checkbox
  • Remove all covered individuals

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