Guide to Getting Started - QuickBooks Online

When creating your filing, select the 'Import from QuickBooks Online' option and enter your QuickBooks Online login credentials. 

BoomTax will pull employee data from QuickBooks and generate an Excel spreadsheet file for you to complete and upload to the BoomTax website. 

Kindly note that due to limitations in the QuickBooks API, software vendors (like BoomTax) can't access payroll data and all tax payer identification numbers are masked during import.

  • For ACA forms, the Excel spreadsheet downloaded to you will be missing some data that you will have to fill in prior to uploading to BoomTax such as:
    • Full social security numbers
    • Country codes
    • Data for Lines 14-16
    • Covered individual data (if applicable)
  • Similarly, W-2 forms will only have basic employee census data completed and will need:
    • Full social security numbers
    • All applicable amounts (wages, federal income tax withheld, etc)
  • For 1099-MISC forms, you will have a listing of all vendors that are explicitly marked as '1099 Vendors' in QuickBooks Online along with the total expenses for that vendor. The QuickBooks API does not provide a way for BoomTax to know what boxes should be populated on a 1099-MISC, so we will import these totals into Box 7 (non-employee compensation) on the Excel spreadsheet. We strongly recommend reconciling this information with QuickBooks vendor reports to ensure the correct box totals are reported. To complete your 1099-MISC reporting, you will need:
    • Full SSN/EIN numbers
    • Any additional amounts that don't belong in box 7.
    • State tax withholding details
    • Additional options as applicable (FATCA filing requirement, 2nd TIN notice, etc).

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