How do I download select 1095-C employee copies?

You may encounter a time when you need to reprint a form for an employee who may have misplaced theirs or if you need to print corrected forms to send to employees.  The following steps will allow you to download only a select copy of a form:

Click on the filing name to open the details page

Check the box to the left of the Status column for the employee forms needing reprinting.

If you have numerous forms to sort through, you can use the search feature to find the employee's name.

Click the "Download" button

Select "To PDF"

  • Choose "IRS Official Forms" to download a copy of the forms e-filed with the IRS.
  • Choose "Employee Mailable Copy" to download copies of the 1095-C forms sent to the employees.

By default, the return address used on the 1095-C forms is the address used for the 1094-C information. If you would like to use a different address, click the "Other address" box, then Next.

Choose the "one PDF Per Employee" option to download a single form per PDF.

By default, the Mask social security numbers box is checked.  This is highly recommended by the IRS.

You will have the option to wait while the forms are downloaded or click the "Email me when it's ready" to be notified by email when the downloads are ready.

You will receive confirmation once the download is complete.  If you waited for the download, the file should automatically download to your web browser when ready.

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