Getting Started - Returning Customers

The following steps outline how to create your new filing:

First, log into your  BoomTax account:

Log into account

Next, select New Filing

Next, select the tax year for your filing.

Then, select if you have an XML file to import. (This is for customers that receive a special file from their payroll provider) If you aren't sure which option to choose, select the 'I do not have a file' option.

If you select "My payroll provider gave me a file...":

Select 'Upload Now'

You can now drag and drop your XML file into the upload box or 'Browse for the file' on your computer 

BoomTax will take it from there and send you an email once the import is complete!


If you select "I do not have a file...":

Follow the wizard to import your data 

We've also provided a checklist to assist with gathering all of the information needed to file

Once you have finished inputting your company information, choose 'Import with Excel'

'Drag and drop' your file or browse for it on your computer, then click 'Upload'.


After the import is complete

From the Summary page, you will be able to see your company information and list  of employees.  To verify your employee information, click on the employee name.

Once your data is verified, you can download your forms to print and save for your records.

When you are ready to e-file your forms, simply click the large 'E-file' button at the top of your filing and we'll send your forms to the IRS. 

Note: For companies with multiple EINs, complete the steps listed above for each EIN.

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