My e-filing status is "Accepted with errors". What's next?

To qualify as making a "good faith" effort, you'll want to make corrections to your filing ASAP. 

If your filing is 'Accepted with Errors', you can login to your BoomTax account, click the name of your filing: 
You can export your errors as a list if you have many errors by clicking on the error report tab:
Or you can go to the 'Eligible Employees' section and click on the forms with a red 'Error' status:  

After you click on the errored form, you will see a description of the error along with guidance on how to fix the errors. Once all of the necessary corrections have been made, click the 'Finish' button:

Once you are back at the Eligible Employees page, you will see the status of the errored form changed from "Error" to "Efile Needed".  
All of the "Error" forms need to be in a state of "E-file Needed", even if you do not have any new information to correct.  Open each employee showing to be in an "Error' state and click 'Finish'. You will see the status changed from "Error' to 'E-file Needed'.  You will not need to make any changes to the employees that are already showing to be "E-filed".
After all of the errored forms have been corrected, click the 'Efile' button at the top of the page to submit your changes to the IRS. 
It typically takes 1 business day to receive a status update from the IRS on the corrections. If you are filing close to the IRS e-file deadline, this can take up to 10 business days.

If you originally imported your data using an Excel file, click here to find out how to bulk import your corrections.

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