I've created my account. How do I manually add my information into BoomTax?

After you create your account, you will see our 'Welcome' page.  Review the checklist provided to verify you are prepared to start your filing.

Click the "I've done all of the above, let's go!" button

Click the "Start ACA Filing" button and follow the wizard to complete all of the company information needed to complete your 1094-C form.

On the "Add New Eligible Employees" page, you will have the option to enter your employee information one at a time, or use the bulk import tool to import your Excel or file.

To manually enter the information one at a time, click 'Enter one at a time', then fill in your employee's information on the 'Eligible Employee' page.  Once the information has been added, click the 'Continue & Save' button on each page to continue adding the employee's information. 

After all of the information has been added, you will be taken to the Review page.  You can review the information and make any necessary changes if needed.  If all of the information is correct, click the "Finish" button.  

There will be an error message if any of the values are incorrect for the information provided.  The errored information will be highlighted in red with an error message and information on how to correct the issue.  

Make any necessary changes and click the 'Finish' button.  You will need to complete the steps above for each employee.  

Once all of your employee data has been entered, click the 'IRS E-File' button at the top of your filing to send your file to the IRS. You will receive email updates with a status of the filing as it is updated.  It can take anywhere between 1-7 business days to get a response from the IRS for your filing with longer delays expected during tax season.


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